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Site Help

This is Essex - Help

Welcome to This is Essex Help. Below is a clearly labeled image of the main site screen, each section of the page is numbered and a description of the section can be found after the image.

1. Site Navigation

This is the main site navigation panel. The sections listed here will reflect the particular area that you are currently in. E.g. The NEWS section will display all relevant links to News items.

2. Feedback

We can only make this site more functional and interesting with your help. To the top right of the screen are sections to help you and the This Is... network improve the service we provide. You will already be familiar with the Help link, because you made it this far. Also contained here is the Site Map link.

3. Quick Navigation and Search

This 'button' contains links to all sections of the This is... site. The search box to the right of this will find particular News and Sport items, as well as links to other sections of the site.

4. Icon Navigation

This panel contains a quick reference guide to some of the most used features of any web site. From here you can return to the Home Page of the site, Contact Us with your comments, and Bookmark our sites for handy reference.

5. Footer Links

At the bottom of each of our pages you will find a copy of the links we have presented in the Site Navigation panel. (1.) This panel is useful for some of our longer News and Sport pages.

The This Is... sites are designed to be as easy to navigate as we can make them, however, if you feel we could improve this site or you still find yourself lost, send us your comments through our Feedback pages. (5) Repeated links from the main navigation panel (4) Helpful icons with main functions (3) Quick Navigation and Search System (2) Helpful pages and Feedback (1) Main Navigation Panel

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